Artist Bio

1985 born in Savannah, GA, USA, grew up in Germany
Currently lives in Berlin, Germany |

Selected Exhibitions

2015 Group Exhibition, Berlin, Germany „Wire Arts Experiment“
2016 Group Exhibition, Athens, Greece „Dreamlike Landscapes“
2017 Group Exhibition, Athens, Greece “Monochrome”
2017 Group Exhibition, Berlin, Germany “The Blind Curator”
2017 Group Exhibition, Atlanta, GA, USA “Be Still”
2017 Group Exhibition, Mackenbach, Germany “Real, Irreal, Surreal”
2018 Group Exhibition, Berlin, Germany, "Kunst im Flur"


Private collection, Berlin, Germany
Private collection, Perth, Australia
Private collection, Seattle, USA
Private collection, Campbell River, Canada


Markus Green is a photographic artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Born in 1985 to a German mother and an American father in Savannah, GA, USA, he has been formed by a multitude of cultural influences and inspirations growing up with a mixed-culture background in Germany.
Formally educated in the fields of Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy in Germany and Japan, he chose to lay down the pen in favor of the camera and deals with questions of the self and it’s relation to the world. Photography has become a form of meditation and introspection for him, resulting in artworks that invite the viewer to reflect on him or herself.
Henri Matisse stated „Exactitude is not truth“, and in that tradition Markus does not try to depict our world as exactly as possible, but wants to explore what emotions our surroundings produce upon us.
Rationally comprehending and intuitively interpreting our Experience are equally important in the pursuit of true meaning.
The duality of using a traditionally rational process, photography, utilized to demand an emotional, subconscious reading of his work is characteristic of his approach.
His work is in private collections on four continents, and his work has been displayed in multiple group showings in Europe.