Shop opening/ discount code

The other day I had a discussion with a friend about selling. ⁣⠀
It’s surprising how hard it is for some people (me included) to actually sell something they created. Now, obviously, this is referring to my art in the form of prints, but I’ve seen the same difficulties in people writing books, building courses or offering services. ⁣⠀
Why do you hide something away that you believe in? And when I say „you“, I also mean me. Why is it so hard to say „This is my artwork, if it makes you feel something, invite it into your space and don’t just scroll through it, like thousands of other images every day“?⁣⠀
With everything you create (and especially in art), you leave a piece of yourself with your creation, and maybe it’s fear of rejection, the fear of pain that comes from not being acknowledged, not being heard, not being valued that stops you from carrying it out into the world. A like is easily given, a compliment easily spoken, but beyond that it gets scary. Hearing no from a person when it comes to something so close and personal to your self can be painful.⁣⠀
Now I know that in reality, it is never the person being rejected in such a case. You (and me), we are enough. There should be no fear. We can’t be rejected as a whole, but I think I’ve learned to believe otherwise, like so many others. ⁣⠀
I am confident that my work can enhance peoples’ lives. Still, I feel unsure about actually promoting the sales, when it should be perfectly natural. Is it that I don’t feel I deserve it? What is „it“ - the success, the money, the feeling of having contributed something beautiful? ⁣⠀

This shop is me opening up and making myself accessible and vulnerable. If you see something you love, I invite you to add the pieces to your collection.

As a store opening bonus, shipping fees are waived in September using the code "free 0919" at checkout.